V/A - Re: Martin Arnold 'Alone, Life Wastes Andy Hardy' (2001)

Martin Arnold is an Austrian film artist working with found footage. His short film 'Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy' (1998) consists of scenes from the Andy Hardy film series, a series of films released between 1937-1958 (from 'A Family Affair' to the failed revival attempt 'Andy Hardy Comes Home') and starring Mickey Rooney as the title character. By stretching and looping carefully selected fragments that originally lasted mere seconds, Arnold is trying to highlight hidden Freudian elements in these sentimental, slightly silly works. 'Alone' can be viewed here.
In 2001, the New York-based Apestaartje label (run by the people behind Mountains, Aero and Anderegg, but now defunct) curated a compilation album based on this short film; participating artists were to create tracks with material sourced from its soundtrack. The packaging contains an actual fragment of film (see scans). The tracklist is as follows:
1. Fennesz - Green
2. Anderegg - Fewer Than Six
3. Akira Rabelais - Quyat (whoosht)
4. N/A - Prop Elh Er Con Struct
5. A Silent Partner - Vluv
6. Pimmon - Moment Under the Moment
7. Steve Roden - Maa.lwah
I'm not sure whehter N/A is an actual band/project's name here, or just stands for 'non applicable' - I think the former, since the name also appears on another Apestaartje compilation (with a similarly mutilated track title). Probably, just like A Silent Partner, yet another pseudonym for one of the people behind the label. The rest of the artists featured probably need no introduction.

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