Eliane Radigue - Jouet Électronique / Elemental I (2010)

After decades of obscurity, Eliane Radigue's pioneering role in drone music has been generally acknowledged for some years now, leading to a number of archival releases. The last two in the row have unfortunately been vinyl-only releases (one of my many pet hates); there was one four-way split 2-LP on Important Records in November (with one piece each by Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Yoshi Wada and Sun Circle), that contained her 'Biogenesis' (1973) piece, that was released earlier on 3" CD in Metamkine's 'Cinéma pour l'oreille' series (in 1996, to be precise). More interesting is this LP on Alga Marghen, with two short works that have never been released before. The A-side is 'Jouet Électronique' (which translates to 'electronic toy'), the B-side contains 'Elemental I', a first attempt at a piece in four parts, based on the basic elements of air, fire, earth and water. Only in 2001 did she return to this idea with the composition of 'Elemental II', with double bass player Kasper T. Toeplitz (released on ROSA in 2005). These works, made in the late 1960s, aren't her best or most important works, more a collection of juvenilia, mainly of interest to people already familiar with her oeuvre. This LP was limited to 300 copies only; if you hurry you may be able to pick up a copy at some distro.

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