Flying Edward - Spell Your Name (2004)

When Bogus Blimp broke up in late 2004 ('We died - to live forever'), Norway lost its prime export product in the field of theatrical sci-fi swing noise circus pop. Their first 2 albums (1,5 really), 'Men-Mic' and 'Cords.Wires' are still masterpieces of a genre that no other band in the world ever played, whatever it was (2004's 'Rdtr' had its moments too). While these albums got at least some attention for being on Jester Records and surfing along a bit on Ulver's slipstream, the facts on what the Bogus guys did in later years are clear only to a handful of inner circle people in Oslo, I suppose (does anyone know what happened to their vocalist, Christian Mona?). Ingar Hunskaar went on as a producer under the alias Diktafon. Kyrre Björkås and Hilmar Bergendahl Larsen formed Det är jag som är döden with one Jakob Langvik, and released 'Hey Space!' on Dbut (also 2007), before changing their name to Du (an album entitled 'Risk and Investment' is due next month on Trust Me Records). Det är jag's video for the song '200 hrs' can be seen on YouTube. Kyrre also did that Saralunden.Björkås.Mjös EP (Nexsound, 2007) with vocalist Sara Lundén and Andreas Mjös (Jaga Jazzist, Rotoscope). A bit older, and more obscure even than those albums, though, is the Flying Edward album from 2004. Flying Edward were Hilmar and Jakob, mainly, with a little help from some friends (Aslak Larsen Skalleberg, also ex-Bogus, plays Hammond on 'Pretend', for instance). 'Spell Your Name' is a dark, moody pop album, groovy and narcotic at the same time. It was released in 2004 on Dbut, but is now out of print. The one thing still linking them to Kristoffer Rygg and Ulver, it seems, is a fondness for Kiss: the album features an eerie cover version of 'I Was Made for Lovin' You'.

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  1. I'm surprised to find this here! I used to be quite passionate about Bogus, I've listened to every album you mention here, except the one by "DU", obviously. I was also very intrigued about what happened to Christian Mona, who's probably the most prominent personnality in Bogus Blimp. And he's got a great face, too.. (Bogus have a number of cool videoclips, where one can see his face, among other things.. oh and they made the videoclip for 'It is not Sound' by Ulver, too) The cover of Kiss here is pretty cool.