Tim Barnes / David Daniell / Jeph Jerman / Sean Meehan - Live 7 22 04 Soundlab, Buffalo NY (2009)

A very delicate, very quiet improv quartet can be heard on this cardboard CD-R release, one of about 10,000 (rough estimate) that Jeph Jerman released himself in the last couple of years. An interesting line-up here, with percussionist Tim Barnes (who has worked with everyone from Mattin to Sonic Youth), guitarist David Daniell (of ambient rock ensemble San Agustin, and a couple of nice solo albums) and Sean Meehan (another percussionist, who has recorded some great albums with Sachiko M and Toshimaru Nakamura, among others). Who's doing what here is anyone's guess (Jerman himself can play anything from stones to wood to electronics to pine cones, depending on the context), but its organic, barely-there fragility certainly has its charms.
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