David Peel / Kan Mikami - Jirokichi Live at Koenji (2004)

This is probably one of the most obscure Kan Mikami albums, and - let's face it - deservedly so. A split album with some guy named David Peel, who, Wikipedia tells me, is an early performer of punk rock music while at the same time appealing mostly to hippies because of his lyrics about marijuana and "bad cops". Apparently they shared a stage at some point (3 December 2003 to be exact) and thought the recordings deserved a CD release. Somehow I think there have been about a 1000 other and better Mikami concerts throughout the decades that went unrecorded or at least unreleased, but such is life. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the Mikami half per se (though there isn't much we haven't heard in a better version elsewhere either), but the Peel half sounds completely retarded to me. I can't figure out what drew these two together. Not essential by any means, but hard to find and probably of interest to Mikami fans, so there you go.
The Mikami tracks are:
1. インバ (Inba)
2. 五百子先生と山羊 (Yuriko-sensei to yagi)
3. 大きい羊は面白い (Ōkii hitsuji wa omoshiroi)
4. ここまで引かれた線 (Koko made hikareta sen)
5. 枝分かれ (Eda wakare)
6. 端雲~楢山節 (Zuiun / Narayama-bushi)
7. 虎をペットにしてる尼 (Tora o petto ni shiteru ama)
8. 黒く,飛ぶ人 (Kuroku, tobu hito)
9. 美術館 (Bijutsukan)

1 to 6 are from 1979 (2003), 7 and 8 are from レスボス ('Lesbos', 2002 PSF), and 9 is from アラシ・雨・アラシ ('Arashi Ame Arashi', 1998), all on PSF. Except for the last track, live versions of all of these can also be found on 異議ナシ!('Igi Nashi', 2005 Open) - maybe something for another blog post here, some day.

The titles of the Peel tracks (10-15) are too idiotic to be mentioned here - check the scans I added (including the lyrics). This was released on Captain Trip Records in 2004.

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