Mark Wastell & Graham Halliwell - Faktura (2003)

Absurd releases stubbornly remain under the radar, appearing without any commotion and quickly disappearing without a trace. A shame, because there are a lot of great experimental recordings to be found on this tiny Greek label. Take 'Faktura' for example, released in 199 copies in 2003. The artists in question are no strangers to anyone interested in electro-acoustic improvisation, lowercase music, reductionism, taomud ('the area of music under discussion'), new (London) silence or whatever you wish to call it (somehow this marginal but extremely interesting and creative branch of experimental music has resisted labeling, although eai seems to be the closest thing to an agreed upon cover-all monicker these days. Mark Wastell especially has been involved in all kinds of ways from the very beginning, witness his contributions on cello, amplified textures and bowed gongs in countless ad-hoc improv groupings over the years, and a few more stable ones such as Assumed Possibilities, The Sealed Knot, IST, Quator Accorde, Broken Consort and +minus - this list is not exhaustive! Another one is +minus, his trio with Bernhard Günter and Graham Halliwell, saxophone feedback sculptor (word to the wise: this has nothing do to with jazz whatsoever). Slightly earlier than the first album of that particular ensemble, Halliwell joined Wastell for a duo session, recorded in October 2002. This is very delicate music, fragile and nuanced. No-one has yet come up with an adequate new vocabulary for this kind of music, so I'm certainly not going to give it a shot. Just listen.

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