John Butcher / Phil Durrant / John Russell - Concert Moves (1995)

'Concert Moves' is a classic recording of 'European free improvisation' (the kind that was hip for decades but has lost some fans to 'electroacoustic improv (eai)' in the last couple of years), but has been out of print for ages - as has anything on defunct Munich-based label Random Acoustics. All 3 players have appeared on countless albums since then (these recordings date from 1991-1992), with Durrant even switching to electronics in recent years, but this one still stands as a solid document of the scene at the time, with Butcher's inquiries into breathing techniques and tonal variations weaving through Russell's Derek Bailey-like guitar and Durrant's bowed cymbals. The same trio can also be heard on 'Conceits' (1987 Acta, on vinyl) and 'The Scenic Route' (1999 Emanem).
John Butcher: tenor or soprano saxophone
Phil Durrant: violin
John Russell: acoustic guitar

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