Ensorcelor - Urarctica Begins (2010)

I'm just going to go with the press release on this one, because I haven't quite mastered the art of ecstatic black metal hyperbole yet:
"Ensorcelor plays battle-torn slow metal enshrouded in ethereal drone-fog. The wretched, scraping sounds of desperation being dragged behind the reluctant battle drums of despair. A blackened deluge of twisted guitars and hideous, tormented vocals entwines with ugly squalls of feedback and noise; the horror gives way only briefly to an atmospheric piano and hauntingly beautiful operatic singing before rising up again to crush you utterly beneath head-sundering riffage and distortion.
3 bleak elegies to eradication. All will be destroyed. Total death to everything."

This Canadian horde's grim hymn to wastelands of frost (oh look, I'm getting the hang of it) was released in June 2010 (on tape and on CD, 100 copies each) on Media Tree (the guitarist's own label). There may be one or two copies left of the CD, so rush over there if you like this. Meanwhile, a new release (a double LP no less) is in the works.

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