Kassel Jaeger - ee[nd] (2007)

Kassel Jaeger is the pseudonym of a Parisian composer and member of GRM, or so he or she claims. His identity remains a mystery. This CD-R, released in 2007 on the Belgian Mystery Sea label, is a typical example of the kind of stuff they release: ambient, droney, processed field recordings, musique concrète, limited to 100 copies. In 2010 two new CD releases followed, 'Lignes d'erre & randons' (Unfathomless, the new Mystery Sea sister label) and 'Aerae' on Senufo, these too both very limited editions. Get this one first.
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  1. I love Kassel Jaeger and i thank you for this. His "Aerae" is just mesmerizing and have been dying to hear "Algae". Absolutely fantastic blog.

  2. If you can, please re-up.

  3. Thank you very much. I have left a couple of requests here in the past year or so and you have always replied and re-upped. As for the Tsunoda, if you could see your way to reposting these discs at some stage, whenever it's convenient, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.