Joe Colley - Disasters of Self (2010)

Experimental sound artist and noisemaker Joe Colley dropped this bomb last year (on Crippled Intellect Productions) to the unanimous praise of those who were lucky enough to hear it. A massive 3-LP box set, what you get here is even more special, as it includes the extra material that was only present in the "Artist Edition": 2 endless loop tapes that are meant to be played simultaneously, and a CD called 'Untitled EgoMix'. The only thing not included here is the DVD, but you're not missing out on much there. There are a number of very short tracks here; these are locked grooves (2 seconds each), just hit repeat to hear them as intended. What you get here is one huge and impressive set of, as phrased in the press release "fractured electronics, rich multi-level drones, digital bite, the sounds of decaying technology, analog twists and turns, and recording experiments and documents - plus some other aural surprises that I leave to the listener's discretion as to whether they can be classified as "pleasant" or "otherwise.""
The regular edition can still be purchased at a very decent price from the label, so if you have a decent turntable and a taste for intelligent noise, go for it. Check it out at this new link.


  1. is it possible to upload divx files from the dvd ?
    please .

  2. Unfortunately I cannot help you with those, sorry.