Werner Dafeldecker / Franz Hautzinger / John Tilbury / Sachiko M - Absinth (2002)

The tiny area of modern music known as eai (electro-acoustic improv) is one of my primary fields of interest (maybe even a little expertise?), so don't be surprised if I keep throwing up some of its forgotten masterpieces in the near future. This one for example has been next to impossible to find for years now, yet it's a lovely performance by a very interesting combination of players: Dafeldecker plays all sorts of things (mainly bass, but also guitar, electronics, percussion), Hautzinger is one of a number of trumpet pushing the boundaries these days (think Axel Dörner, think Greg Kelley), John Tilbury is the revered piano player and Morton Feldman and Cornelius Cardew expert, and Sachiko M has turned up here before, the queen of sinewaves. Released in 2002 on Grob. Hear it.


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