Seth Nehil - Flock & Tumble (2009)

Seth Nehil is yet another one of those artists that deserve so much more attention than they get. I mean, he is only one of the greatest sound artists of today, or any other day. Not only that, but he has matured a lot since 'Tracing the Skin of Clouds' (1998 Kaon), his first release, and his early collaborations with Jgrzinich. 'Flock & Tumble', his fifth solo album by my count, is the pinnacle of his career (for now). It was released in June 2009 on French label Sonoris to maybe one or two rave reviews, and completely silence besides. I have no clue how to describe this, but if you like Olivia Block, Mnortham and Joel Stern, you really need this. Textures, field recordings, manipulated instruments and the odd shout (a recent addition to his sound palette); it sounds like nothing else. Buy this from the label, and this year's follow-up 'Furl' too, while you're at it. Listen!

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