Fabrice Charles / Michel Doneda / Günter Müller - Direct Chamber (2000)

Direct Chamber is an early eai (electro-acoustic improv) album, recorded in May 1998 in Montreuil, Vandœuvre and Verdun, during a mini tour in the context of the Musique Action festival. It was released 2 years later on 33revpermi in collaboration with For4Ears. The latter label is run by Günter Müller, who plays percussion and electronics here. He is backed up by 2 horns: the soprano sax (and sopranino) of Michel Doneda, and the trombone of Fabrice Charles. I don't think I've heard Charles anywhere else, but Müller and Doneda both played on a thousand albums in a hundred different ensembles each (rough estimate). This relatively early date is not often mentioned though, and has been out of print for years. It did however get namechecked in Jon Abbey's eai primer a couple years back, so why not give it a spin.

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