Stefano Pilia - The 1 Season (2004)

Some lovely drones this time from Stefano Pilia from Bologna. He is also in Medves and Glow Kids, and (a bit better known, I think) in 3/4HadBeenEliminated, who went from eai to something a bit poppier these days if I remember correctly (I should re-listen to that myself). He also continues to release solo albums on labels such as Last Visible Dog, Sedimental and even Die Schachtel, but this, his debut, was released as a limited edition (150 copies) black CDr on Time-Lag in early 2005. Pilia is credited here with 'guitars, microphones, tape noise, feedback, wind doublebass, cymbals'. Who played the rain is not mentioned.
Long gone, of course (strangely, the label doesn't even mention it among their OOP releases). But thanks to the interwebs, still among us.


  1. Thank you. I just came across this in the SkaFunkRastaPunk forum, but it was in FLAC form and I'd much rather check it out as a high quality mp3. Your blog looks really interesting so far. I'll spread the word a bit. Cheers!