Famille Lela de Përmet - Polyphonies vocales et instrumentales d'Albanie (1992)

Unfortunately this blog's tradition of impeccably tagged files must be interrupted today, due to my equally unfortunate lack of Albanian language skills. Or rather, due to the perennial disdain for foreign languages exhibited by those who profess to love foreign music (an imbalance I have never really understood). OK, no rant, just to say that this beautiful album of Albanian traditional music was released on a French label (Label Bleu) that has chosen to spare us the odd and possibly frightening-looking characters that are current in Albanian orthograph (i.c., the ë, as in the name of the family's hometown Përmet; we are granted the ç, because the French are fond of that one as well). So if anyone fluent in this language can offer some corrections to the track titles, that would be very welcome.
Anyway, 9 Albanians (most of them named Lela) perform some vocal and instrumental (clarinet, accordion, lute, percussion, violin) polyphonic music here, and it sounds wonderful. Get it here.


  1. I bought this when it came out in the early 90s. I have to say that through the thousands of albums I've had since then, this is one of the only ones that's stayed in constant rotation. It's that beautiful and unusual.

  2. Yes, great stuff. There's also a sequel entitled 'Polyphony II' (2007 Kaba), for those interested.

  3. Could you please re-upload it?