Steve Roden - Light Forms (Music for Light Bulbs and Churches) (2003)

More wonderful sound art today, with this installation piece by California-based Steve Roden (one of my favourite artists tout court). These 2 pieces are very gentle layers of tinkling light bulbs with some electronic processing. If that sounds uninteresting, you haven't bathed in the gorgeous warmth of this audio-blanket. Released in an edition of 500 copies on Semishigure (which is basically Bottrop-Boy) in 2003, the same year as the equally wonderful 'Speak No More About the Leaves' (on Sirrecords). Sadly, Roden's release rate seems to have declined sharply in the last couple of years, but in those days it was one masterpiece after the other. Explore! Check this beauty out at the label or slip into it here.

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