Tormentor - Recipe Ferrum! (2000)

Other than most metal albums, this one is intentionally funny. I think.
Hard to believe this is the same Hungarian band that recorded 'Anno Domini' 12 years earlier, and whose singer Attila Csihar did the vocals on Mayhem's 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'. Csihar would go on to play in Aborym, Plasma Pool and Sunn O))) among many other bands (his latest I think is Burial Chamber Trio), and bewilder audiences all over the world with his ridiculous outfits and stage antics. What with his street cred these days, this album is still strangely ignored by many. Sad fate for such a bizarre masterpiece of ecstatic soloing, folky and faux jazz interludes, and clownesque singalongs. Especially from Part Two on things get really odd. This one will have you in stitches one minute and chanting along heroically the next.
The album title is Latin for 'Receive the sword!' - as was said to vanquished gladiators right before they were killed.

Tracks 1-9 are Part One: Soul, Blood, Sun, Dark, Power, History, Night.
Tracks 10-13 are Part Two: Cult, Legend, Fun, Joke, Nation (The Hungarian Trilogy).
Track 14 is Part Three: Sickness, Debility, Punishment of the Evil Child.
The last two tracks are bonuses.
Note: these are the chapters as indicated on the promotional copy I have; they seem to have been altered a bit on the actual release (which adds 777 to the album title, compare Metal Archives).
Release Date: 24 April 2000, claims the promo. See if this clownfest is still available or try it first here.