Toshiya Tsunoda - Extract From Field Recording Archive #1

Toshiya Tsunoda (角田俊也) specializes in field recordings. His mid-noughties releases focused on capturing the entire soundworld at a specific moment and place, but earlier releases were all about vibrations of objects in their surroundings, or the sound of air in different containers.
Tsunoda's work is well documented. In the last 10 years there have been CDs on Lucky Kitchen, Sirr, Naturestrip, Häpna, Hibari, and most recently his own label, edition.t. Several of these are still available from good distros such as Erstwhile in the US and Metamkine in Europe (if you're only going to get one, make it 'Scenery of Decalcomania'). Between 1997 and 2001 however a series of 3 discs was released under the name 'Extract From Field Recording Archive'. They are all three on different labels, but all of them are long out of print. I will post them here in quick succession. If you want to know more about the how & what of these recordings, I can recommend reading Tsunoda's own essay on this Erstwhile-related blog.
The first of these was released in 1997 on WrK, a label run by Tsunoda back in the day, along with Minoru Sato (佐藤実), perhaps better known as m/s. On this disc, Tsunoda focuses on 'standing waves as a state of the place'. The packaging was rather neat: a series of cards, one per track, with pictures of the locations of the recordings and some explanations on the back (in Japanese and English). The first track, for instance, was recorded at Misaki Bay (Miura City), pictured above, and is entitled 'Solid Vibration of the Surface of a Concreted Wharf Where a Marine Products Market Used to Be' (recorded on May 5th, 1996). Not as dry and scientific as you'd think, these are really engrossing sound worlds. Check 'em out.
Scans and txt-file with Japanese titles (for those of you who are into that kind of thing) are included.
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  1. Any chance that you could re-up this, and the other two in this series, if it's not too much trouble? It'd be great to hear them. Thanks.

  2. Fantastic! Thank you so much for these wonderful recordings.

  3. Hi, could you re-up this and the other two "Extract From Field Recording Archive", please?
    They're very hard to find.