Yan Jun - Lamma Island Diary (2009)

Remember how, way back, I mentioned field recording manipulator Yan Jun (颜峻), 'whom we'll perhaps hear more about later'? Well, this being later, here is his 2009 album 'Lamma Island Diary' (南丫岛日记, his full-length debut). Lamma Island (also known as 博寮, Pok Liu) is one of the largest among the islands that make up Hong Kong. A diary is usually a book but here apparently a bunch of sound files in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. According to the label, this album 'opens up a whole new world for field recordings. From now on, field recordings will never be the same.' Obviously the hyperbole is strong here; can it just be good?
Released in September 2009 on the fledgling Re-Records; check the link for translations of the Chinese track titles (they're also under 'Sorting' in the track info though, so relax. Just relax already.).

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