V/A - Outsinging the Nightingale: Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music 1905-1950 (2010)

What better way to appease the countless fans of this blog, after such a long drought, than with 4 discs (306 minutes) chock-full of old Bulgarian songs sourced from original 78s, released last year on JSP? No scans this time and a lower bitrate than you're usually regaled with here, but hey - just buy it why don't you. In fact, if you are pleasantly tickled by this and are ready to hit that order button, please do so from the expert compiler (Lauren Brody) herself.
Unlike the actual box set, this rip contains a tracklist in Cyrillic for us Friends of All Languages.
Parts 1 and 2.


  1. i have this + highly recommend it. best bulgarian 78 collection out there

  2. uuuum....an .exe file? how are Mac users supposed to open this? How about something "normal" like a .zip or.rar?

  3. What do you mean? There are 2 zip-files there...

  4. Sorry, there's a great big "Download Here" button at the top that produces this .exe file and the links are at the very bottom of the page (hidden on my 23" screen) - so, I apologize. I was surprised because you have such great stuff and I thought that this had to have been cRAzY somehow...

  5. i know this is a little late, but any chance of a reup on part 2? thanks.