Olivier Capparos & Lionel Marchetti - Livre des morts (2008)

This is the soundtrack to 'Livre des Morts', a film by Éric Pellet. It was composed in 2002-2003, but not released until 2008, on British label Entr'acte (good taste in music, not so much in packaging). Sound cinematographer Lionel Marchetti is joined here by composer Olivier Capparos for what they call 'a musical journey along the path we all must travel when, as humans, we confront our own mortality'. What that translates to in audio terms I will leave up to you discover, but take it from me: if you've never heard any Marchetti, you're in for a wonderful discovery. Check him out if you thought Luc Ferrari's 'Presque rien' was rather neat. It was only a matter of time before someone sampled Johannes from Carl Theodor Dreyer's 'Ordet' (1955), right?
The same duo released another composition from the same period ('Equus') on Pogus in 2009. This one here was released in a limited run of 300 copies but somehow is still listed as available, so start ordering some discs already.

Link removed at the request of the label - 2nd edition now available!


  1. hello!

    i'm glad you like the record, and thanks for the attention,
    but could you kindly remove the link to the files? the cd
    is still in print; in fact, a second edition is due imminently.

    best wishes

    allon kaye

  2. OK, link has been removed!

  3. thanks -- its much appreciated.

  4. You are right! An absolutely fantastic recording.