Nmperign & Jason Lescalleet - In Which the Silent Partner-Director Is No Longer Able to Make His Point to the Industrial Dreamer (1999)

Nmperign is the improvising duo of Greg Kelley (trumpet) and Bhob Rainey (soprano sax), and this is their first collaboration with Jason Lescalleet (tape loops, computer on the last track, don't play that one too loud if you care about your speakers), who has been mentioned here a couple of times before. This early work does not yet exhibit the amazing range that can be found on the much more well known double CD 'Love Me Two Times' (2006), but it's definitely well worth your time if you like detailed drones and buzzings and a creative approach to horns. Released in 1999 on Howard Stelzer's Intransitive Records in a run of 500 hand-numbered copies, this is another one of their lost treasures. Check this label out already, and buy 'Love Me Two Times' while you're there. Or some Lionel Marchetti. Go!


  1. Hey there,

    Bought this one at a nmperign gig a decade ago. This was my first introduction to jason lescalleet's work, who has become one of my favourite sound artists. For what it's worth, though the collaborative performance is really cool and raw, the highlight here is the last solo lescalleet piece, which still blows my mind each time i listen to it 10 years after.
    I might even say it's one of my favourite pieces of his.
    Thanks for making this available here, since it's totally OOP and is not included on Lescalleet's new compilation cd "This is what i do" on intransitive

  2. You're welcome, and also that Lescalleet odds-and-ends compilation is totally essential, not to mention cheap. Can be ordered from Erstwhile, Metamkine,... the usual suspects.

  3. I agree, it's a good one! Maybe it'll get reissued one day, but who knows. Definitely support these guys... their 2xCD "Love Me Two Times" is available from me, as is nmperign "Ommatidia": www.intransitiverecordings.com

    - Howard / Intransitive