Mitsuhiro Yoshimura - And So On (2007)

And we're back with some hardcore Japanese electroacoustic improv of the most extreme kind - you're welcome! Mitsuhiro Yoshimura (吉村光弘) is from Kanagawa, and for a moment there in 2007-2008 seemed to be the new name to watch in onkyo scenes. Unfortunately, nothing much has been heard from him these last couple of years, but especially this first album is still revered among connoisseurs ("There are dozens of us! Dozens!!"). In these 3 works (11 to 16 minutes each), Yoshimura creates feedback with a microphone, a mixing board, an equalizer (which he does not touch during a performance) and a set of headphones to project the sound back into the room. Since movement in the room can influence the timbre and pitch of the feedback, Yoshimura can actually distance himself completely from his tools and let the music play itself. This description alone should be enough to send fans of Toshimaru Nakamura (中村としまる) and Sachiko M (she never uses her full name on her albums, but it's Sachiko Matsubara, 松原幸子) rushing for the download link, methinks. This debut was followed the same year by 'Not BGM And So On', which is a duo album with Taku Sugimoto (杉本拓), and in 2008 by 2 albums on brand new French label Presqu'île Records: a trio with, again, Sugimoto and field recording maestro Toshiya Tsunoda (角田俊也) ('Santa'), and a duo (entitled 'Trio') with alto sax explorer Masahiko Ōkura (大蔵雅彦). 


  1. Excellent, very interesting record. I'm quite sure pets hate this record though.

  2. hey this link is dead and am so curious about this record any chance to reupload?.
    Also the album with philip samartzis n sachiko was one of the best collaboration of her.
    Nice work man.