Azure Skies - Azure Skies (2001)

Azure Skies was a one-off collaboration of Jan Carleklev and Håkan Paulsson (both in Sanctum) and David and Samuel Durling of Mental Destruction. I don't know the latter band, but Sanctum's 'Lupus in Fabula' (1996) is definitely one of the better albums on Swedish industrial/ambient label Cold Meat Industry. Their brand of rhythmic noise with dramatic synths and some angry or melancholy vocals now and then rubs off on this project, on Ant-Zen.
The Sanctum guys also play in Mago, and Carleklev has a solo project named Parca Pace which I remember was pretty good. They are also in a number of other bands I haven't heard, as this is not really my 'field of expertise' or even major interest. But Sanctum and Azure Skies are potentially interesting to a (slightly) larger audience, I think. This is possibly what an industrial album made by the Neurosis guys would sound like. Maybe. You tell me.
(There are 3 different covers for this release, mine has some rocks on it.)

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