Taku Sugimoto - Tori (2001)

The front, sporting artwork by Masae Tanabe.

By popular demand, here is yet more Taku Sugimoto (杉本拓). 'Tori', released as a slimcase CD by the Off Site gallery to coincide with an exhibition ('Birdy Program') of bird* paintings by Masae Tanabe (たなべまさえ), is from the same period as 'Italia', and though I enjoy it less than that one, it's definitely something people need to be able to check out. Therefore, as it has been out of print for over a decade, I feel it is my solemn duty to share it with you, and I do not take this duty lightly. Now could some other people with old and rare electro-acoustic improv recordings in their collection please follow my example?

The back of the CD. Not much to see, but posted here in the interest of historical research.

Four longish tracks here find Sugimoto-san performing live at the gallery, first on six-string bass guitar, next on electric guitar, then on contact microphone and his guitar case (!), and finally on acoustic guitar.
Limited to 400 copies, plus 100 additional copies that came with the book Tanabe issued especially for the exhibition.

*Tori (鳥) is the Japanese word for 'bird'. The kanji (character) is based on a drawing of a bird, as can be seen when you compare it to the bird in the artwork.

The bird is the word.


  1. I have no words other than that you are the man. Thank you so much. This is hands down the best blog around in my mind. Thanks so much. If I had any OOP stuff or come across some I'll be sure to let you know.

  2. Thank you, that's good to hear!

  3. Also added a new link to 'Opposite'! http://schwebeablaut.blogspot.be/2013/06/taku-sugimoto-opposite-1998.html

  4. Hello,
    I find your blog during listenning Taku Sugimoto's Opposite. A long-long time I didn't listen this album but today I'm curious about this music/musician that I don't really now. Thank you for the up/re-up of Tori and Relato :)

  5. Hi, could you re-up.
    -Myshkin Musicu for Electric Guitar;
    It'd be very appreciated.