John Cage - Three Dances For Prepared Piano (1999)

I can't find a decent cover scan of this one. What we have here is a Japanese release from 1999 on Musik Keller (I think), a recital by two pianists: Satoshi Inagaki (稲垣聡) and Ken-ichi Nakagawa (中川賢一; a more traditional way to translate his first name would be Ken'ichi). Only 22 of the 58 minutes are John Cage, to be honest, despite the inordinate size of his name on the cover and spine.
Like I said, no cover scan, but I did provide scans of the rest of the booklet (it's practically all in Japanese though). The tracklist as it appears there is as follows:

In other words, apart from the Cage, there is 'La Théorie', which is the first string quartet by Belgian composer Walter Hus (only here it is somehow performed by the two pianists); there is an improvised 'Super Battle Duo!!!', and it all ends with a performance of Erik Satie's 'Je te veux', again with a generous extra helping of punctuation marks.

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  1. This rocks! I hadn't heard cage's three dances before, it's got great textural punch.

    Thanks for all the stuff on your blog, it is an aural feast.

    cheers and beers