Grupul Vocal „Fărșeroții” - Muzică Populară Macedo-Română (1971)

Oh me oh my, here comes another guest post from the masked blogger, Mr. IX! Many thanks to him.

More vocal polyphony. This is a rip from an old Electrecord (Romanian state record company) with music from a minority that's spread all over the Balkan called the "Macedo-Romanians" or "Aromâni". These recordings are from a section of that called "Fărșeroții", who live in small groups called "fâlcare". An ancient proverb is "the Fărșeroții are never worried, they sing the whole day". They may come from the Dobrogea region in Romania (which crosses the borders of Moldova and Bulgaria), the style is surprisingly similar to South-Albanian polyphony posted here earlier. "Dzeana iu-ți vineai", the fourth track, adds a strange Afro-American gospel feeling to it.
Have at it.

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